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                                  Tangshan Changli Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

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                                  Address: The Second East Ring,South Road,Zunhua,Hebei,China

                                  South Korea General Agency: JEFF-LIN            




                                  Congratulations to the official website of Tangshan Changli Foodstuff Co., Ltd.!


                                  Tangshan Changli Foodstuff Co , Ltd . be located in Dongerhuan South Road , Zunhua City , Tangshan City , Hebei Province . It is a comprehensive industrial company that integrates acquisition , processing , sales , and export . It is one of the early companies that produce and operate chestnut business . The company is located in Zunhua City , Hebei Province , at the foot of the Great Wall of the Yanshan Mountains . It is one of the main producing areas of Jingdong Chestnut (Tianjin Ganli ) . The rich chestnuts are famous for Japan and Southeast Asia for their unique "fragrant , sweet and waxy " .

                                   To this end , the company's operating projects have been expanded , and the domestic market have been developed on the basis of exports . The main operating projects is fresh chestnuts , quick-frozen sugar-fried chestnut kernels , ready-to-eat sweet chestnut kernels , " open laugh " chestnuts , and small packages of instant sweetness Products such as lotus seeds , iron bars , yam , baked sweet potatoes , and crisp horseshoes are all directly sourced from the origin . Hunan Xiangtan lotus seeds , Henan Wenxian iron bars yam , Guangxi Lipu horseshoe , and Hebei Qianxi chestnut .

                                  The company's total investment has reached 60 million yuan , covers an area of 12,000 square meters , and has advanced refrigeration , freezing and processing equipment . It can supply 3,000 tons of fresh chestnuts and 1,000 tons of frozen chestnuts each year , and 1,500 tons of other small-package leisure products sold directly in supermarkets . The company has advanced quality inspection equipment , long-term supervision and inspection of the production process and products . It has three high-precision metals (IQF ) detectors to ensure that the possibility of metal foreign materials being mixed in is completely excluded . Two new X-ray foreign object detection machines has / had been introduced . Make sure that the product pass rate is 100% . It has an independent laboratory and advanced laboratory equipment , and is equipped with professionals to conduct follow-up laboratory inspections on products to provide consumers with safe and reliable products .

                                  The company has independent import and export rights , strict requirements on all aspects of production management , and strives to learn advanced management systems and management experience at home and abroad . It has passed Japan's JAS organic food certification , ISO22000 food safety management system certification , and kosher food certification . Obtained the record of export food , and the product is in the leading position of / on / in similar enterprises .

                                   Jingdong chestnut has the characteristics of " fragrant " , " sweet " , " glutinous " and " tender " . It is full of grain shape , golden in color , delicate in taste and long in aftertaste . Our company has its own planting base . All the chestnuts produced are natural foods , and it has 15,000 ancient trees over 100 years old , which ensure the quality and safety of chestnut raw materials . The company's products are exported to Japan , South Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Thailand , Canada , Israel , Singapore , the United Kingdom , Australia , the Unit Arab Emirates and other countries and regions , and enjoy a good reputation for the market .

                                    The company's purpose is " quality first , credit first " , and always adhere to the " strict first , quality as the key link , excellence for the best , faith-based " factory management policy , warmly welcome new and old customers and colleagues to work with us hand in hand , mutual Cooperation and common development !




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